Adult Development and Aging

Adult Development and Aging
Pages: 640
Published: March 30th 2001 by Pearson
Author: K. Warner Schaie
ISBN10: 0130894397
ISBN13: 9780130894397
Language English
Genre: Psychology
Goodreads Rating: 3.00

This comprehensive book helps readers process a clear picture of adult development and aging with the help and results of intensive scientific research. It challenges common stereotypes about this subject matter, and interprets the research data into an optimistic yet realistic appraisal of the many problems faced by the elderly in today's society.

Chapter topics look at independence and intimacy in young adulthood; responsibility and failure in the middle years; the reintegration or despair of later life; research methodology; families; careers; personality development; learning and memory; intellectual and biological development; mental disorders; and death and bereavement. For individuals who want to view the potential richness of life--at all stages, and/or understand the lives of older adults they may care for.

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